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Active Virtual Desktop lets you create up to nine virtual desktops
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If you are one of those people who like neatness, you probably dislike having a disordered computer desktop. However, keeping your desktop tidy may prove quite difficult when you use the same computer for very different tasks. Perhaps, you have wished to have several desktops: let’s say, one for your office work and another for leisure at home. Active Virtual Desktop helps you avoid the limitations of having just one desktop in Windows. This application will let you create up to nine virtual desktops and give them descriptive names.

The application is moderately easy to use, which means that you may need to read the instructions before starting to use the software. However, once you have read them, you will find no difficulty in creating desktops or changing the active desktop. Active Virtual Desktop hides in the System Tray, from where you will have access to its options. It is easily customizable. In this respect, it will let you assign hot key combinations to access a given virtual desktop. You can also choose different wallpapers for each desktop. In addition, you will be able to set "sticky" windows or applications for every desktop. Another important feature is that each desktop can be set to use a different resolution, which is useful when working with different screens.

This is multilingual software, which means that although this application´s default language is English, you can also download interface translations in other major languages.

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  • It expands Windows desktop capabilities


  • It is moderately easy to use
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